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Reed Diffuser Bottle; Blush Pink

Reed Diffuser Bottle; Blush Pink

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Reed Diffusers are a low maintenance and simple way to create long lasting fragrance in your home or office without the flame. It's easy to create an elegent decor piece with our selection of colored glass diffuser bottles.

Our reed diffuser bottles are available in seven colors and hold 4oz of liquid. Refer to IFRA guidelines for oil usage. Standard fragrance oil amounts range from 15-25%.

Simply blend together your favorite FO and Lanco Candle Supply's reed diffuser base, top off with a stylish bottle collar and our all natural bamboo reeds and you have subtle yet beautiful frangrance for weeks. All natural Reed diffuser sticks designed for long lasting fragrance throw.

Pair with one of Lanco Candle Supply’s stylish Reed diffuser bottles, diffuser base, bottle collar, and your favorite fragrance oil to create flameless home fragrance.

**Bottle collars, reeds, diffuser base, and fragrance oils (FO) are sold separately. 

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