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Cinnamon Heat

Cinnamon Heat

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Make your candles pop with Cinnamon Heat, our highly concentrated liquid candle dye! This vibrant color incorporates evenly and thoroughly into wax, creating stunning hues. Spice up your candle collection with a splash of fun and color. 

A little goes a long way, our 1oz liquid candle dyes are long lasting. Recommend use per pound; 1-2 drops for lighter shades and 4-6 drops to achieve darker shades.


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  • Free of insoluble matter
  • No dusting as found with powders
  • Easily mixed to create unique shades
  • High flash point >200°
  • REACH Complient
  • GHS Complient

Makers Notes

Liquid candle dyes require your own personal testing to achieve your desired results. Natural waxes will appear more "pastel" when using liquid dyes where as paraffins waxes will produce darker colors. Using too much dye can result in candle smoking and wick clogging.

Usage Rates

Use 1-2 drops per pound to achieve lighter shades, and 4-6 drops to achieve darker shades.